Test MIT App Inventor on the Amazon Kindle #tt24

Tinkerer: Lory Livezey

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to install the MIT AI2 Companion app on the Kindle. App Inventor is a great way to build Android Mobile Apps, and The Kindle is really inexpensive way to test your apps, if you're an Iphone person like me. Unlike the tablet I've been using in this series, the Kindle has a gyroscope that we'll need for the robot remote we're working on. The Ai2 companion is not in the Google Play Store on Kindle so i'm going to walk you through how to get that set up.

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Open the Security Setting

The Android won't allow you to install apps outside the Play Store, unless you specifically change the security setting.

Install Blocked

To open up this setting:

Menu > Settings > Security & Privacy > Turn On "Apps from Unknown Sources"

If you leave this setting on, you'll need to be careful about not downloading from untrusted sources. If you're concerned, you could go in and set it on temporarily each time you want to install something. We'll be using this method for apps that you'll create in App Inventor that you may not want to take all the way to the Play Store.

Download the APK File

Now that you've set the security policy, you can download the file by on this linkto the MIT web site.

Download APK File

Install the APK File

Once it's downloaded, follow the prompts to Install it.

Install APK File

Test Away!

And now you're all ready to start testing your Android apps.

Test Your App


In this tutorial, you learned how to install AI2 Companion on the Kindle. I hope you'll check back because we're going to build on this and learn some really cool mobile apps that work with IoT.

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