Installing RealVNC for Windows to Access Raspberry Pi Remotely #tt4

Tinkerer: Lory Livezey

With software such as RealVNC, you can access your Raspberry Pi from anywhere on the network. In this tutorial, we'll set up RealVNC viewer to do just that. While Putty allows you to access the Pi's command prompt, RealVNC allows you to see the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

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What you will need

loaded with Raspbian on a (at least 8GB) Windows PC

Download RealVNC Viewer

From your Windows PC, download RealVNC:

Download RealVNC.

Download RealVNC

Install RealVNC Viewer

Double-click the download and take all of the defaults

Install RealVNC

Connect RealVNC to Raspberry Pi

Open RealVNC > File > New > Provide IP Address > Name the Connection > Ok to Connect > Log Into Pi

Connect to Raspberry Pi

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