Installing Git For Windows

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Tinkerer: Lory Livezey is THE place if you're looking for open source software or want to write your own software with version control. Our tutorials build on each other, so GitHub is the perfect platform to provide you with the various stages of the programs and libraries you'll be using with the Tinker Pi

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What you will need

Why Install Git?

Have you ever downloaded open source software libraries out on GitHub? If not, we will use it a lot in these Tinker Pi tutorials! Having Git in a command prompt will save you many steps in that process, and keep your environment cleaner by not having those zip files clutter up your Downloads directory.

Download Git for Windows

The current version at the time of this writing is 2.17.0. You should pick up the current version:

Download Git

Install Git

Double click to begin installation. We are mostly going to take the defaults:

Setup Git Step 1

Setup Git Step 2

Here, I have opted to use VS Code as the default editor:

Setup Git Step 3

Setup Git Step 4

Setup Git Step 5

Setup Git Step 6

Setup Git Step 7

Setup Git Step 8

Setup Git Step 9

Setup Git Step 10

Deselect the "Read Me" and click to open the Git Bash:

Setup Git Step 11

Test the installation by getting the version number:

git --version

Next Up

Now that Git is installed, you can use it to download open source software quickly. It's a great learning tool, as I find the best way to learn is to look at OPC (other people's code).

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